Erich Kunzel & Cincinnati Pops Orchestra -《超卖座发烧电影院》(Mega Movies)[SACD-r]
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一开始的「神鬼传奇」低频衝击够刺激吧?你已经準备好迎接康泽尔的电影震撼了吗?Mega这个字在希腊文指的是Large、Great的意思,而这两个字都代表著超级、难以超越的事情,现代学者将其用在比喻具有千万力量的代名词,大眾文化则又将其视为「酷」、「炫」的代表。到底Mega Movie是指什么啊?它指的就是「超卖座电影」!举凡近几年世界票房的巨星,如铁达尼号、X档案、莎翁情史、酷斯拉等等千万名片都收录在这张专辑之中,除了有最佳音乐之外,Telarc的DSD录音技术在这里也派上了用场。如果你对於恐龙的叫声以及极低频脚步声有兴趣,也可以听听「酷斯拉」威力,看看是谁比较厉害。 听它除了过癮之外,还有什么好说的? 到底Mega Movie是指什么啊?它指的就是「超卖座电影」!举凡近几年世界票房的巨星,如铁达尼号、X档案、莎翁情史、酷斯拉等等千万名片都收录在这张专辑之中,除了有最佳音乐之外,DSD录音技术在这里也派上了用场。如果你对於恐龙的叫声以及极低频脚步声有兴趣,也可以听听「酷斯拉」威力,看看是谁比较厉害。
CD编号 : CD80535
艺人/团体 : 康泽尔 Erich Kunzel - 查看所有专辑
专辑名称 : 超卖座发烧电影院
Mega Movies
音乐类型 : 发烧片[CD ]
发行公司/日期 : 上扬
制作公司 : TELARC
内含片数 : 1
专辑编号: CD80535
专辑类型: 单CD
Erich Kunzel, conductor 艾瑞克.康泽尔, 指挥 Cincinnati Pops Orchestra 辛辛那提大眾管弦乐团
音乐厂牌: TELARC
Maestro Kunzel and the Cincinnati Pops return to soundtracks in a big way with Mega Movies. This new release combines the appeal of Hollywood’s biggest action adventure movies with spectacular sound effects.
Mega Movies features Godzilla’s ear-splitting roar, a simulated bee attack made with six mics (from The X-Files), the UCLA Fencing Club in action (from The Mask of Zorro), the excruciating sound of a ship being cut open (to recreate the Titanic’s moment of impact), and more.
The liner notes include a sound effects text written by Telarc’s SFX wizard, Michael Bishop—the man behind the bees, the swordfights, and the icebergs. Over the years, his sound effects, included on many Cincinnati Pops recordings, have given a special character to those CDs, delighting listeners with their realism.
Kunzel and the Pops have a long history of making blockbuster soundtrack recordings: The Big Picture rode Billboard’s Classical Crossover Chart for 16 weeks in 1997 before cresting at #6, Symphonic Star Trek hit #2 after 30 weeks, Fantastic Journey also landed at #2, Hollywood’s Greatest Hits went to #2, Classics of the Silver Screen #4, Bond & Beyond #5…
Erich Kunzel is the most successful Billboard Classical Crossover recording artist in history. Billboard named him "Classical Crossover Artist of the Year" an unprecedented four consecutive times, and, of the 67 Cincinnati Pops’ Telarc releases, 51 have appeared on the Billboard charts. No orchestra in the world can match that record.
The Cincinnati Pops and Telarc won their first Grammy award in 1998 for Copland: Music of America (Best Engineered Classical Recording), and four others have earned Grammy nominations: Copland: Lincoln Portrait in 1987, A Disney Spectacular in 1989, The Music Man in 1991 and Amen! A Gospel Celebration in 1993.
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引用Erich Kunzel & Cincinnati Pops Orchestra - Mega Movies (2000) [Reissue 2006] {2.0 & 5.1}
PS3 Rip | SACD ISO | DST64 2.0 & 5.1 > 1-bit/2.8224 MHz | 72:31 minutes
Features 2.0 Stereo and 5.1 multichannel surround sound | Telarc # SACD-60535
The Cincinnati Pops is one of America's favorite orchestras, playing classical hits, orchestral versions of pop and jazz, movie themes and show tunes.
In the main, this is a collection of film music resembling others by Erich Kunzel and the indefatigable Cincinnati Pops, featuring short excerpts from film scores like those to Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, The Rock, Godzilla, and Titanic. Kunzel's performances are brisk, a bit subdued compared to those in the original films, technically faultless, and carefully consistent. Anyone who has enjoyed other Kunzel discs will enjoy this one, but this is a film-music disc with a difference: there are five tracks of sound effects included. These are quite short, but they're well worth hearing. For one thing, they'll give a full workout even to stereo equipment costing thousands of dollars. The booklet contains various disingenuous warnings about not turning up the volume too high while playing these, but they are in no way oversold. What's remarkable about them is that for the most part they don't rely on synthetic sound synthesis. The bee attack in The X-Files: The Movie was recorded by engineer Michael Bishop in a field, with six microphones placed at the entrances of a beehive. It's uncanny. This may be the only audiophile album in existence whose credits thank a beekeepers' association. The sound, auditioned on a good conventional stereo, is the main attraction here, and those with the equipment to take full advantage of the glories only hinted out by mere mortals among sound reproduction systems ought to be fully satisfied.
发行时间: 2006年 专辑曲目: 01. The Mummy – The Sand Volcano 04:13
02. Don't Mess With Z (Sfx) 00:16
03. The Mask Of Zorro – Main Title 04:22
04. Air Force One – Main Title / The Parachutes 04:44
05. Chopper Flyby (Sfx) 00:13
06. The Rock – End Title 04:59
07. Contact – End Credits 04:02
08. Mighty Joe Young – Dedication And Windsong 05:35
09. Day At The Races (Sfx) 01:07
10. Star Wars: The Phantom Menace – Main Title / The Flag Parade 04:59
11. L.A. Confidential – Badge Of Honor / L.A. Confidential 02:32
12. The Prince Of Egypt – When You Believe 05:24
13. What's That Hum? (Sfx) 00:45
14. The X-Files – Threnody In X 03:04
15. A Bug's Life – The Time Of Your Life 04:11
16. Elizabeth – Main Title 05:37
17. A Stroll In New York City (Sfx) 01:37
18. Godzilla – Main Title 03:20
19. Shakespeare In Love – Main Title 03:30
20. Iceberg! (Sfx) 00:42
21. Titanic – Back To Titanic 04:59
22. Armageddon – Main Title 03:38 版本: [SACD-r] 古典类型: 全集作品 专辑英文名: Mega Movies 专辑中文名: 超卖座发烧电影院 地区: 美国
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