Claude Williamson Trio -《Autumn In New York》(纽约的秋天)[FLAC]
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音乐风格: 爵士
专辑中文名: 纽约的秋天
语言: 英语
地区: 美国
CD / 1 片装 / 56分43秒
Artist: Claude Williamson Trio
Title Of Album: Autumn In New York
Year Of Release: 1995
Label: Venus Records, Inc
Genre: Bop, Cool, Mainstream Jazz
Total Time: 57:03
Claude Williamson Trio (HiFi爵士钢琴三重奏)
爵士钢琴大师Claude Williamson 伙拍低音大提琴师Bill Crow 及鼓手David Jones以三重奏演绎多首名曲。主题曲 Autumn In New York乐队散发出的浪漫情怀历久不灭。'Samba Lhosa' 带来的愉快情感在Drum Solo的一段?到顶点。'Over The Rainbow ' Claude Williamson 的版本把这首最受欢迎品的浪漫深情如山河倾泻而下。日本著名爵士品牌Venus 出品﹐天碟录音师Rudy Van Gelder顶级录制重新混音推出。
Audio CD (May 12, 2009)
Label: Venus Records
Williamson magic circa 1995 May 21, 2014
Format:Audio CD
This album was recorded for the Japanese label Venus in New Jersey on April 22 and 23, 1995. To say that I am a Claude Williamson fan is an understatement, but most of his recordings in my library are from the 50s and 60s. When I heard the title track from this album I had to have it and it does not disappoint.
It's a shame that there are no sound samples on this page at the time of this review. For one thing, the mix and sound quality are spectacular (although bassist Bill Crow is a little too prominent in the mix in my opinion.) If I had to pick a favorite track it would probably be Manhattan and bassist Crow does truly shine on it.
This is definitely evidence that Williamson's playing is like a fine wine that keeps improving with age. When I discovered his earlier work (you can hear a lot of it on Essential Jazz Masters) it was a jaw dropping experience for me. This album is even better than any of his earlier stuff in my opinion.
In addition to Bill Crow on bass Williamson is backed by David Jones on drums. I confess that I know little about him, but I love his approach to drums. The entire trio is spectacular on every track.
发行时间: 2009年10月01日 资源格式: FLAC 专辑曲目: 01. Linear Motion
02. Autumn In New York
03. Samba Lhasa
04. Manhattan
05. News From Blueport
06. I Want To Be Happy
07. Moonlight In Vermont
08. Crow's Other Nest
09. How Bout You
10. Over The Rainbow 专辑英文名: Autumn In New York
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